Hi, In this post, I created an example animated question page. I preferred react-native animatable library for animation. You can use this library or you can find alternative one. You can access updated example application from this link. I shared example project codes on github. You can check it end… Continue Reading React-Native Example #1 Animated Question Screen

Hello, This post is about Push Notification (For android because I just tried on android device). I will be send push notification to my virtual device end of this post. I used firebase for send. I skipped create a new project part. Let’s get start. Firstly, I created new project… Continue Reading How to Send Push Notification via Firebase

Hi, I will try to explain “How to do Hamburger menu in React-Native? (Android)” in this post. Just android because, I couldn’t test on iOS application yet. I used windows computer in this application. Let’s get start to development. I assume, you know “How to create a new project in… Continue Reading How to do Hamburger Menu in React-Native (Android) Application